Audio Dramas

Partly Sunny [Complete]

Written by Mike Murphy, Partly Sunny follows the crew of Solar One, a ship enlisted to help fix the sun which is being depleted of energy at an alarming rate.

Out of Time [Episode 1 Complete | MIXING]

A four episode story following Sasha, a teenager that learns of a mysterious attic door, one that leads to a place completely out of time.


Once in a while you will meet strange devices, those who you have no control over, but those who quite possibly have control over you. Such is the case with a certain elevator in a most commonly overlooked residential apartment building in the busy metropolis of New York, just south of the Irish district of Inwood.


Gabby is caught in a centuries-old ghost story focused around a lord and a very evil man who wanted to live forever and the pond at the chapel on the grounds of the lord’s manor was his ticket to immortality. Every morning at 2AM the portal between time is opened so he can coerce others to do his bidding.

Time Distortions Day Trip [JUST ANNOUNCED]

Professor Blain Alexander has stumbled onto one of the most
important discoveries of his lifetime, but he was the first to make the discovery.

He entrusts the secret to his student John who followed him on the adventure of a lifetime with some unlikely guests.

Tales of Orinda

A series of stories that cover the lives of the people living in the world of Orinda.

  • Lady From Day [Episode 29 Complete | MIXING]
    Follow the adventurer Lia through 40 episodes, as she tries to discover the cure for the princess Daschl.

Wings of the Past [Development]

It’s the year 2090. Medicine has advanced as so has technology. Plucked out of her time is Joan Meakin, an aviation pilot that had short-lived fame in the 1930s. Gathered for an interview and then sent to a hospital to live out the rest of her delusional life in the long after, she has little remembrance of the before. One day, an orderly comes and tries to change all that, after being ported back into 1920s London to stop Joan from going mad.

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