Lady From Day – Chapter 27 – Twilight

Sophie Neveu as Lia
Phaethorn as Rowan
JauntyHat as Siegfried
Mippa as Daylat
Jonathan Dolnier as Russket and Naitpac Glimegrees
Moose as Skinner
Laura Fedora as Mistress
Blackened88 as Renold
R. Douglas Barbieri as Aras

Scott Shannon – House of the Dead
Kevin MacLeod – Longing and Concern
Kevin MacLeod – To The Ends
Kevin MacLeod – Vulcan

LENGTH: 11:51 minutes

The gorlags have been taken under the work of the Datura Stramonium plant and are in a “twilight sleep”. The plant affects their eyesight and their ability to think clearly. They are easy to persuade and at this time Daylat and Lia find the time to start their escape from the gorlag keep.
Support photo by Alex Pink.