The Elevator

Once in a while you will meet strange devices, those who you have no control over, but those who quite possibly have control over you. Such is the case with a certain elevator in a most commonly overlooked residential apartment building in the busy metropolis of New York, just south of the Irish district of Inwood.

Cast listing:

Mary – Stephanie Davis
Cedric – Seth Jones
Sally – Nicole Wilkes
Lift Man (2 parts) – Jay V & David Bodtcher
Door Man – Glenn Hascall
Narrator – Glenn Hascall
Clerk – Seth Jones
Michael – Seth Bramwell
Frank – Rip Elliott
Female Guest – April Sadowski

Sound Effects by: SoundDogs and FreeSFX

Music by:  April Sadowski, Kevin MacLeod, Internet Archive (Vintage recordings), SoundDogs, Anne Sabardeil, and William J. le Petomane.