Lady From Day – Chapter 26 – Finding the Way

Sophie Neveu as Lia
JauntyHat as Siegfried
PhaeThorn as Rowan
Mippa as Tayla
Laura Fedora as Koork
Jonathan Dolnier as Russket
Mary Bruhand as Emteh

Kevin MacLeod – Gagool
Kevin MacLeod – Infados
Kevin MacLeod – Mourning Song
Kevin MacLeod – Long Note One

LENGTH: 17:29 minutes

Lia shows the ice cellar tunnel entrance to Rowan and Siegfried while Daylat (Tayla to the gorlags) makes a cake that the gorlags will never forget for their great feast to honor the capture of the two Chalosians (Rowan and Siegfried who are disguised as women).
Support photo by Alex Pink.