Lady From Day – Chapter 15 “Separation Anxiety”

Rowan is getting anxious because Lia hasn’t come back yet from after talking with Siegfried and walking around on her own to catch some air. Rowan decides to take matters into his own hands as he assumes she was captured by gorlags. He encounters a drunk Siegfried (pouting over his marriage proposal rejection) and talks to Aras and Renold.


ROWAN – PhaeThorn
ARAS, NARRATOR – R. Douglas Barbieri
RENOLD – Blackened88
Kevin MacLeod – Shamanistic
Kevin MacLeod – Grave Blow
Kevin MacLeod – Temple of the Manes

Lady from Day is a story about an adventurer Lia (Sophie Neveu) and her group of companions and their quest to save the princess Daschl Feyris (Cerhiunnhn) from her malady that is causing the kingdom of Feyris to go into famine. Lia and her counterpart Siegfried (JauntyHat) roam Feyris and the outlying regions in search of a cure for the princess. Through their journey they meet up with some unexpected people and encounter some horrible creatures such as the gorlags (Emcgo, Moose, R. Douglas Barbieri) and beautiful places like Harper Wood and Petalodys Valley. Come listen to the story over a course of four Books (Parts).